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About This Project

Objectives of the Consultancy:

SCI is seeking an external consultant to compile a comprehensive Early Child Care and Development (ECCD) Training Package/Guide that aims at strengthening the capacities and competencies of Community Workers and providing partners with useful tools that will help to creating a positive impact in the lives of children in the target communities and improve project implementation. English version of the training package is already developed by the SC; however, It needs to adapt to the Egyptian culture and language. After reviewing SCI relevant literature and consultation with the SCI ECCD Technical Advisor, consultant is expected to work on assembling ECCD Training Package in Arabic targeting children under 5

  • Participant-Centered Approach
  • Using fun creative techniques and tools
  • Using sport for personal development
  • Using interactive games
  • Using Group Projects and Discussions

  • Client: Save The Children
  • Date: 2017

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