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Remeditainment of Disabilities

With a Spoonful of Sugar...Treatment can be Fun!
We were lucky. Very few content-developers in the world have had the privilege to closely work with dedicated medical researchers utilizing decade-long research in treating children with learning disabilities, especially Central Audio Processing Disorder (CAPD) and manage to develop software and fun games where children improve their skills and compensate for their disabilities as they play. We can help you develop research projects or actively seek grants to develop software that will help children with learning disabilities get access to remediation at home or at school while being supervised by their own therapist or audiology specialist hundreds of thousands of miles away.

We overcame many challenges that made our success story, such as:
Communication Gaps

Having a team of Medical University Professors, Instructional designers, artists, animators, developers and producers came with its problems. Overcoming communication gaps between team members from different backgrounds and priorities was very challenging. Frequent meetings and detailed documentation of discussions and agreements was necessary.

On-going Research

The fact that CAPD is an area which witnesses intensive on-going research made things even more complicated. Many protocols and games had to be changed after the design was approved by the medical team to reflect new medical research findings at Ain Shams University and elsewhere.

The Need for a New Production Methodology

The above challenges made it necessary to develop and adopt a production methodology that is different from the traditional sequential water fall methodology in order to allow for iterative development as research progressed.

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